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Saturday, 12 September 2009 // 03:33
Sorry I haven't posted a new post for just over 2 weeks since the day before my birthday!

My schedule has been so hectic right now with school work and revision I haven't had time to post on here.

A few of you have been asking how did my birthday go, it went well :) Went to a water park where I got splashed with friends, and soaked my new dress haha. But at the end the beach was very relaxing and had a great time :D

Just to let you know I have received my birthday hair extensions in the post (the clip in ones) and are absolutely amazing! I love love love them ♥
They made my hair look really nice, go and check them out at rapunzelrapunzel.co.uk

I'm trying to think of some advice I could share, how did school go for most of you?
My first day of school, full with nerves but also excitement at the prospect of a fresh start and new year.

Although I have been thrown with teachers constantly rambling on about our GSCE's so have been going to the library mostly to revise for them.

I have just started piano lessons, and I am thinking of starting a site where I put free sheet music including Bella's Lullaby from Twilight and many classics, I take requests so if you want a particular song to play on the piano I will put it on the site for you!

My skin care range is still in the process of developing so don't worry it will be launched soon!

I have advice about exam stress on a past post so you could look through the archive to find it.

The only thing I am unhappy about right now is that summer is almost over and a new season of repetitious rain and freezing weather is now being welcomed, ugh.

Anyway enough about me, time for some advice!


Usually, when teenagers see the word SCHOOL one of the following emotions come up in their mind: disgust, panic, anxiety, boredom, anger, happiness, success

Which one is it for you?

Here is a poll and the results:

One third say they worry most about school work, it's normal. Usually teens worry about what grades they will get, and commonly a fear of failure, thinking that they are going to fail their exams and worried about a particular subject/s.

For many, the most common subject that teens despise or feel they are not very good at is MATHS. Why mathematics? This is because maths has a lot of formulas to remember, and if you don't remember the formulas, you're never going to answer the question/s successfully. People who are not good at maths or even if they are good at it feel they aren't are usually worried when they come to a maths lesson and panic that they won't know how to solve the problems.
You are probably sitting there thinking, that's me.

Well if that's you, go to a quiet place, and get a revision book on your level of Mathematics. Or you can a get a tutor to help you, even if it's just a friend or a classmate who is good at it, there are many good revision sites online for maths, I think my best are BBC bitesize and mymaths.co.uk , there are many others too.

You could watch some videos on math where a person does a simple step by step explanation of how to work out and solve the problem, or if you are an auditory learner listen to some mathematics podcasts. Even make a song or rap about it, or poem, to help you remember. Whatever works best, just something that helps you learn.

I find the best revision books are the ones where you revise a certain topic (e.g. numbers, algebra, shape, measure etc.) and then at the end of the topic you have a test to summarise how well you learnt it.

It's not only maths, maybe you are good at maths and you are failing at another subject, like science, english, geography etc.

If you are not very good at art (like me!) then I feel that to be good at art you have to be born with the natural skill, some people do learn how to be good at art, but it's a natural skill, and don't worry if your not good at art, there may be other subjects you could be great at!

Remember, practice makes perfect! :D

If it is social issues, i.e. fearing that you will be lonely and have no friends, or because you are shy and therefore find it harder to make friends etc. then you are not alone. Join some clubs in your school and meet new people who share the same interest as you! Talk to people, don't be shy, if it doesn't go well its not like the world is ending. Approach them friendly, ask them basic details like name, age, hobbies, favourite subjects etc. You may find you have some things in common with them!

The best tip that has worked with me is compliment them. It could be their hairstyle, shoes, clothing, intelligence etc. When you compliment and encourage others, it lifts up their confidence and makes them feel better about themselves, and people like to be around people who make them happy.

If you feel that your new friend/s doesn't like you then move on, don't get into an argument, find some other people who appreciate you for who you are, they are the ones missing out.

Don't be known as a trouble maker, even if you don't start the fights yourself! If someone is looking to pick on you and start a fight they are doing it to make themselves feel proud and are most likely jealous of you and want to bring you down. Don't let them, ignore them and walk away, they will soon get bored. If it's gets out of control that they push or physically hurt you or threaten you, don't suffer in silence, TELL SOMEONE! A reliable friend, a parent or teacher, they will be able to stop them.

If you are however worried about socially not getting a boyfriend, it's not your fault that you worry about this. In your teen years, friends and classmates tend to start dating and start new relationships with boys, if a friend is not going out with a boy, that friend tends to feel a bit of peer pressure and worry that they won't "fit in" if they don't get a boyfriend.

If this is you, it's ok. Single people can have fun! In fact, it's been found that many teens who are loved up and caught in relationships are the ones most likely to fail (not to scare anyone, it may not be you!) and distract them from their studies. Also most likely to have paranoia as they feel their boyfriend may be cheating on them/seeing another girl/planning to dump them/ignores them/doesn't buy them gifts etc.

That's not the case all the time though. You could still have a boyfriend but don't take it to seriously, you are too young to be in a serious relationship! What should be serious to you is your studies, no matter how nerdy or cringey that sounds, it's true. If you get a boyfriend, act like they are just one of your good boy best friends, you are most likely to flow freely and feel more comfotable than constantly worrying they are doing one of the above suggestions.

Back to feeling lonely, if you do, occupy yourself with something. Go to the library and read a book and/or finish off homework, join a club doing what you love (e.g. drama, sports..), prepare yourself for the next lesson, start a new musical instrument and when not in a lesson practice etc.

One fourth of teenagers worry most about appearance. It could be the way you dress, the way you look, your hairstyle, music taste, skin colour/race, uniqueness.

We are all different, be proud of who you are and don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself! Don't feel pressured into looking the same as everyone else too, so what if everyone is wearing "heavy makeup", you don't have to. Or so what if everyone "has to wear bangles or else their like soo uncool". All those things are childish. Do what you want, it's your life, and not theirs.

One girl I asked, Kimberly, 14, told me, "I'm happy about going back to school — I'm bored stiff here! But I'm worried about reputation, teasing, failing, and being a nerd."

You need to keep the right balance too with your school work, many worry that they for example 'have soccer practice at 5, piano lesson at 6, swimming at 7.30 etc'

WORK YOUR WAY AROUND IT! Try and fit some small time in to complete homework and revise for exams.

Jessica, 15, agreed. "I play sports so I have to keep my grades up to play." How does Jess keep the balance? "I Work really hard and lean on my parents for lots of support. If you have parents around that actually take an interest in you, take advantage of that and let them be there for you."

If you feel that you are falling behind in your school work due to missing school days or whatever your reason is, go to your teacher and ask them to help you, or find out what you missed out and if they could show you examples of work they did in the lesson that you missed. Borrow a book from a friend who was in and copy up the work into your book.

What else are teens worried about?

Sophie, 13, said 'I am really picky about cliques! I'm in the group of the dorks/nerds, and whenever I see the preppy populars walk past looking gorgeous and attracting attention from hot boys that I never get, I instantly feel low and my confidence immediately drops, making me feel like an ugly, weird freak!'

Maybe the reason those "populars" look so gorgeous is because they load heavy makeup on their face to hide their impurities and real face that they feel is too ugly to show and will make boys dislike them more. Some of them really aren't that pretty without makeup, a girl in my school who everyone thought was the most gorgeous girl in our year came late to school after waking up really late and had no time to put on makeup, therefore everyone saw her and immediately didn't recognise her, thinking she was a different person but it was her. She looked pretty ugly without makeup.

But it's her choice to wear makeup, don't judge her because of it, maybe she feels more confident with makeup, or she's probably not doing it to attract boys, maybe to feel better about herself but unwantedly boys fancy her.

And oh well who cares what you look like! You are probably a very intelligent girl who will get very far in life and get a good paying job. All that should matter to you now is your studies, now is the time to focus on your school work, so that in the future you could have all that time to have boyfriends, buy expensive cars, have a great life etc.!


Don't care what clique you are in, you are in school to learn, not for any toher purposes. It's time to put that beautiful smile on your face and learn to love yourself and say to your reflection in the mirror 'I'm beautiful!' no matter how vain or embarassing it sounds, its for your benefit.

Here's a great article of making homework seem less work!


Studying for tests/exams:

Note-taking tips:


♥ Take breaks while revising from revision books, and always reward yourself after revising a difficult topic that you never understood and achieving it. For example, eat my favourite snack (chocolate chip cookies with strawberries), go shopping for that beautiful top in Forever 21, relax in the garden in the sun, meet with friends at the mall etc.

♥ Make a deal with parents that if you get a very good score on an exam they reward you with something you want. This worked for me! For example, say 'If I get over 3 A's or A* stars can you buy me an Ipod Touch/Hair Extensions/Give me $200/Let me dye my hair etc.' Agree on something. This really works because when your parents agree on the deal and knowing that you are going to get what you've wanted for a long time you work harder to get a good grade because you want to get your reward so badly!

Work Harder = Better Grades.

I did this for Maths when I really wanted a hair weave that my parents always refused for me to get. I made a deal with them that if I got over 90 out of 100 on the maths exam I could get the really nice hair weave, they agreed. I worked REALLY, REALLY hard, revising all the time to get an A, I ended up getting 98/100, result = my parents proud AND the hair weave that I had wanted for months.

♥ Listen to Study Music. Recent research shows that we work best revising for an exam when we listen to relaxing music that stimulates our brain to work better, and it helps when you have a lot to memorise! On YouTube search for relaxing music or study music. I found that the sound of rain and thunder is really relaxing, you may not but I do! When you feel relaxed, you are set to work better and feel more calm, cramming in more information than when you are feeling tense or worried and forget everything! Here's a great one I listen to while studying:

♥ Have a nice chocolate milk bath with candles and/or relaxing music and a good book.
One time I did this (you could put different ingredients in the bath though like honey or strawberries or whatever, search for relaxing milk baths recipes on google)and felt so calm while reading my revision book, I only had one day to revise for the test and was really worried that I would fail since it was a long test and had little time to revise for it (went on holiday) but the next day for the test I felt relaxed, thinking of happy things and got one of the highest scores in my class! :)

♥ Do things or surround yourself with the people or things that make you happy so when it comes to studying time you feel so happy you are up for anything and therefore won't find the revision a problem like usual.

♥ Find ways to make the boring revision more fun.

♥ Try your best so matter what score you get you are still with the good thought that you tried your best to get your result instead of regretting and saying'I shouldn't have skipped my revision schedule partying when I was supposed to be studying or I could have got a better grade!' or whatever.

♥ Practice, practice, practice. Quite obvious though!

♥ Make a revision schedule. Put in your extra activities or dates you have aswell as some subject revision times.
Here's a sample (click on image for larger):

More tips on coping with exam stress and anxiety:

Question of the Week: Hi Renee, I listened to your tip about listening to study music helps you study better, and it did really work! But my internet will be down for a few weeks since I have to reboot my computer or something like that, and I won't be able to go on YouTube to listen to music to help me study since I have a really big important exam coming up and won't be able to listen to the study music! :( Do you know where I can buy a study music with a compilation of studying music songs? I have checked everywhere and can't find any. Thanks! Becky F.

Answer: Yes, I do! I have made a compilation of high quality songs to help you, with 25 great study music songs! I'm selling it for only $3, so if you send me an email (Contact Me on the top right hand side of the site) about it you could pay for it through a safe and easy PayPal transaction, and I'll send it to you in the post! I have already sold some to my classmates and they said it has helped them a lot. Keep checking the site since I will post an article about my study and relaxation music albums and how they help you to study more effectively and some discounts to regular site readers.

Question of the Week 2: Hey, love your blog. I found your article like really helpful but how can I make my school uniform look better cos like my school uniform SUCKS lolzz and their really strict, do ya have likee any tips that can help me make it look more stylish & fashionable without breaking the rules and getting detention (haha) at the same time? Thank you so much, xoxo Claire babess.

Answer: Yep in fact, there's a really helpful video I find inspiring on Youtube that shows you how to make your boring school uniform look ten times better! Watch below:

Cute hairstyles for school:

Natural Look Makeup that won't get you told off by annoying teachers haha:

And now for an extra treat to help you after suffering from all that stress of school! CHUCK BASS'S voice is so sexy, irresisitble, alluring, charming, smooth. I could listen to his voice for hours and hours. He can pull any girl with that voice! Watch some videos and listen to his voice, isn't it sexy right? ;)

Keep Checking the site and send me what you thought of this blog post by contacting me on the right hand side!


Take A Walk Inside My Mind
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 // 10:01
Who's birthday is it tomorrow? Moi.
I cannot wait :) Beach and restaurant here I come!

I know a sweet 13th isn't a big deal, but to me it's pretty exciting.

Anyway you have landed to the site of a self-confessed daydreamer, so feel free to take a walk inside my mind, it's quite refreshing...

running away...

beach bbq party tomorrow :)

wildly exploring...

being a free spirit.

alone in the field, daydreaming...

hanging on branches in the quiet woods...

surfing in the sunset after the delicious bbq...

Please click on the image below for larger [♥]

Some of my newest polyvore sets:
Find me on Polyvore

Good summer reads, starbucks & body scrubs..
Wednesday, 19 August 2009 // 05:01
So I've just finished reading Sophie Kinsella's new book 'Twenties Girl' which is absolutely amazing. For hours my eyes have been glued to the book. It's about this girl called Lara who has this over-reactive imagination and her great-aunt Sadie dies aged 105 years old, but the ghost of Sadie comes alive & weird things start to happen..you should read the book to find out. It's funny, charming and a very addictive read. Definitely recommend it for sunny days by the pool.

I have been trying out some natural & organic skin care recipes for my upcoming skin care range and have tested many seeing which ones are best to put in the range. So far one of my favourites is a honey & oatmeal facial scrub, milk & honey scrub, coconut body butter (lovely smell!) ooh and also an exfoliating lemon sugar scrub that gives an instant glow, makes your skin baby smooth & tightens the skins pores. There's many more including ones that consists of chocolate & strawberries. Overall I have seen a prodigious improvement in my skin and it feels and looks gorgeous.

Mmm..cocoa butter ♥♥


Do they have a rehab for Starbucks addicts? If they do, I need to be admitted as soon as possible. I can't help my addiction. Wish they had a deliver-to-home service, but that's just me being lazy...

My dream is to open a coffee bookshop. A Starbucks in a bookshop, there's one near my dad's work, I go there all the time. The peace, and the relaxation. Sipping delicious mouth-watering coffee while reading a very good book, my idea of infatuation. I love it. So tranquil and calm. Damn I wish I could open one right now.

Speaking of addictions, here's another I need to feed...


Favourite Outfit of the Month:

Simple street summer chic inspired by the romantic city Paris, J'adore...
For all Parisians!
For all Parisians! by KAMILKA featuring Forever21

When it's autumn & it's freezing the old-fashioned style suits but it's always a great idea to buy a warm, milky & frothy frappucino ♥..
Autumn in Paris
Autumn in Paris by DlLEK featuring Sergio Rossi shoes

Take me on a trip to the fashion-sexy Paris, les cafés, les boutiques, la tour Eiffel.. & don't forget the coffee..
A morning without coffee is like sleep...
A morning without coffee is like sleep... by aleks_ featuring Citizens of Humanity jeans

Go for the hauté grunge look...
Fashion's Girl By Mary Kate Olsen #106
Fashion's Girl By Mary Kate Olsen #106 by Kamilė* featuring Jimmy Choo bags

Bonjour, I would like to take a walk in a french chic outfit in Paris, do you mind showing me the way?
Its just a stripe
Its just a stripe by TheStrawberryFields featuring Christian Louboutin shoes

In the morning and afternoon I'm ready to take a walk and head to the local bakery for some fresh baguettes & a cappucino, after all thats a day in Paris.
A day in Paris - Shane(rp)
A day in Paris - Shane(rp) by long-island-lolita [GONE] featuring Les Prairies de Paris hats

For the night parties when I'm getting ready I stare out of the window at the city lights of Paris.
Paris... by Karolisia featuring Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses

J'aime edgy paris image..it makes me feel absolutely divine...
TRUE by Only Fashion ™ featuring Balenciaga bags

I have travelled in the heart of the city of paris (LL)
Paris...c'est toujours Paris!
Paris...c'est toujours Paris! by KiaraPika featuring True Religion jeans

On the set of a French fashion magazine photoshoot I love it ♥
Lights Camera Fashion!
Lights Camera Fashion! by DollieGirl featuring MAC

Now for the vintage..

Hint of charm, sweetness & feminine compusure..
Through the years
Through the years by Fleur C. (Back at College) featuring Manoush

It's a living summer fairytale. (#)

Check back in the week for more posts!

Ooh Nicole you touch my soul...
Friday, 14 August 2009 // 02:04

Skinny Jeans, heels, Aviator sunglasses, long jacket. Definite Style.Icon.

As I wake up to the, yes, not sunny, but oh gloomy, grey & dull sky my mood automatically matches the weather. My head is banging and as I sip a beloved cappuccino I attempt to endeavour & enjoy the frothy taste. For extra comfort, I dip a few strawberries in it, it actually tastes very nice. Coffee, I do love you.

I'm hoping to do an outfit post soon :)

I'm trying to boost my happiness now, and it's starting to work, ahaa.

Just let me warn you, never have a party late in the night that gets out of control. In the morning, you won't like the results. Trust. Me.

Picnic soon? Great scenery, but more like a photoshoot.

First Day of School. Yeah we're stressing.
Spotty face? Make this. Brown Sugar & Milk Scrub. It exfoliates your skin, getting rid of the dry & dull skin and leaving it glowing. Add some milk to brown sugar and mix until a nice paste. Should look like this:

Or you could do Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. Mix them together and scrub on your face then wash off after 5 minutes. Instant Glowing Skin!

And now for the outfits for the first day of school :) Yeah you should be thanking me, everyone's stressing over it. I put a collection of my fave from Polyvore.
Give You All
Give You All by ▪ᶰᶤᶜᶱᶱᶫᵉ▪ featuring Forever21

First Day of School
First Day of School by ♫♪Jazzsaprncss♪♫ featuring Forever21

For: Asuras (Busy Writing)
For: Asuras (Busy Writing) by ZinaThePuma(offline) featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

Love Vinatge? Thought so.
first day at school
first day at school by McFashion featuring Louis Vuitton accessories

Wear Unifrom? Wait..I couldn't miss you guys out.
first day of school - tomorrow
first day of school - tomorrow by parkereloise featuring Bottega Veneta shoes

first day of school outfit?
first day of school outfit? by ♥~ love ya ~ lauren♥ ~ featuring Forever21

First Day Of School
First Day Of School by Kayla.Love(I.Support.Robsten:) featuring Seven For All Mankind jeans

Next Blair? Bring on the preppy and rule the school (♥)
First Day of School ((NLA))
First Day of School ((NLA)) by »ViVA.LA.JUiCY♥ {XOXO} featuring Temperley London dresses

More like for School Party. But who said you couldn't make an impression on your fist day back right?

First Heart Set.
First Heart Set. by T A R A♥ featuring Christian Louboutin

Simple but oh so darlingly couture.

So Very Simple
So Very Simple by Ally-wa featuring A.P.C. skirts

Quirky (: ?

Untitled by ♥Donna Leny♥ {TAKIN' REQUESTS} featuring Miss Selfridge

Frilly skirts and gladiator sandals? I'm first in the line.
blow the bubbles
blow the bubbles by Ruth Michelle featuring Blingstyle shoulder bags

California/Miami Style ;)

this is how i look today, but without hat...
this is how i look today, but without hat... by buba mara featuring Miss Selfridge

Boho Hippie, delicious.

Reading is healthy :D
Reading is healthy :D by Ovchica featuring Antik Batik shoes

Yes, yes, love it! :)
Adora's First Day of School
Adora's First Day of School by ♥ Broadway Dreamin ♥ featuring Forever21

My eyes are glazed, they have been mesmerized by this outift's graceful beauty..
TAGGED: FABULOUS by dinny_dinny featuring Marc Jacobs bags

Couldn't miss this one out..
You see right through me
You see right through me by urztruly1121 featuring Balmain shoes

The clique (Y)
The Clique (First Day Of School)
The Clique (First Day Of School) by SaphireBreeze featuring J Crew

So you have uniform, starbucks coffee is a must..
First Day of Classes
First Day of Classes by Empty Page<3 featuring Juicy Couture shoes

Gosh I'm loving divine..
Garnet and Amber
Garnet and Amber by art_is_life featuring Forever21

I like the simplicty..
first day of school ;
first day of school ; by exotiquue featuring All Saints

Languid attention grabber..
First Day of School!
First Day of School! by sTaPle_woman12 featuring daniblack shoes

Black is back.
23 April 2009
23 April 2009 by ♥♥Andrea Mae featuring Juicy Couture

Summer daysss.
Love you. [March 7, 2009]
Love you. [March 7, 2009] by laura♡ featuring Juicy Couture accessories

Her days of asking are all gone
Her days of asking are all gone by aisha.kay (vacation, again!) featuring Zucca

All that you left of me, like thin open air (8)
All that you left of me
All that you left of me by urztruly1121 featuring Dior sunglasses

Inspire me, I dare you...
Poison by *!!*Robyne*!!* (NeW CoNtEsT!!!) featuring Georgina Goodman shoes

Help me control my unwinding condition.. spiralling out of my head...
Hey Baby, How Do I Look??
Hey Baby, How Do I Look?? by adinda putri featuring Forever21

Mmm, one of my favourite outfits. Definitely what I'm wearing (LL)
Favourite Trend: The Full Mini
Favourite Trend: The Full Mini by *!!*Robyne*!!* (NeW CoNtEsT!!!) featuring French Connection

Oh and to transform your boring school unifrom watch this video below:

Before your first day, smile, be confident, have a cup of coffee/tea in the morning and have a scrumptious toast and off with your fashion conquer.

Have a good first day back :)

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